Cabal 2 Alz Generator

Official Sickdownloads 2015 Release

Cabal 2 Alz Generator

CABAL 2 , a sequel to its worldly-known title CABAL Online soon to the public. Gaining excellent reputations from all over the world including Asia, Europe, North and South America, ESTsoft Corp. Designed to bring action-packed fun for MMOG fans, CABAL 2 shares the similar concept in terms of its eye-catching action with incredible graphical effects, and allowing players to share their online gaming excitement with the community. 

                                     Because we exist exactly 1 year now! Get your Cabal 2 alz generator for $29.99  FREE!                                                                   ONLY TODAY! Offer expires on Thursday 00:00 30/07/15 GTM+1 Only 3 generators left!

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Changelog V1.61 March 2015
Increased Processing Speed
Fixed bugs which made non-valid codes appear
Changed Interface
Added small tweaks to increase performance

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